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Alcohol may be man's worst enemy,
but the bible says love your enemy.

Red, White & Brew began 10+ years ago as a concept. Offer customers great products, great prices and great service and you don't HAVE to fill a 3,000 sq ft store with all the other unnecessary stuff. Any one can fill a space with every thing under the sun. We get to know our customers – their likes, their tastes and their preferences. We introduce them to beer, wine and spirits that are a little eclectic and off the beaten path. We are not pretentious or "cork dorks" by any means; we simply prefer to think outside the box.

Wine bottles

At Red, White & Brew we don't think you have to spend a fortune to enjoy a bottle of wine. That's why we search out well crafted, quality wine from all over the world that is fantastic AND affordable. We try to keep the majority of our wine inventory priced at $15 and less. We enjoy wine every day and we want you to do the same. And we are happy to suggest recipe pairings for that perfect meal. Good food, good wine and good friends should always go hand in hand.

Wine bottles

Often referred to as the most eclectic collection of spirits in South Jersey, we at Red, White & Brew pride ourselves in searching out the new, the amusing, the obscure. Unique name brands and interesting flavors is what you'll find here. And we ALWAYS have drink recipes available for you - we LOVE to make suggestions and research new products!

We are the ONLY store in ALL of New Jersey that doesn't sell the BIG brands! Not only do we not sell the "Big 3" (Miller, Coors & Bud) but we don't sell ANY of the other mass produced stuff - like Heineken, Corona or Michelob. We believe in well made craft beer. It is our passion and we LOVE to impart our decades of wisdom to our customers. We have been selling craft beers since the very beginning of this massive trend --- we have seen some come & go (and come back again!) and have remained loyal and true to our favorite brands. We have built relationships with many brewers throughout the world because we believe THAT strongly in their products. Our selection is small but VERY mighty.